We are bringing you the DUO Smart lock that will take over the world of smart homes.


A combination of the best technology, quality and design. With its dimensions, it becomes
the smallest of smart locks on the market that works with your existing lock.



Friday smart lock in steel on door

This is Friday

Turn your existing lock into a smart lock with a combination of the best technology and high-end design.

Friday smart lock on yellow background

Share access

Issue “keys” to friends and family in just seconds and revoke them again whenever you need to.

Friday smart lock on black background

Auto unlock

Let your Friday Lock automatically lock and unlock the door as you leave or approach.

Friday smart lock from the side

Full usage history

Activity lock shows complete list of everyone who has entered or left your property.

"The Friday Smart Lock is brilliantly designed and engineered, attractive, installation is a snap, and it doesn’t cover your door with large battery boxes."

Steve Sande,

Other users say

Half Friday smart lock in steel
Friday smart locks in steel, bronze, brass, cobber

Matches your home

With several finishes and materials, there’s a Friday Lock for every type of door - and since the shell can be replaced, you will never have to settle for one style.

Iphone with the Friday home app

Go keyless

Turn your phone into your key with the Friday Home app.

Control your lock from anywhere, check if it's locked, share access with family and friends and receive notifications whenever someone enters or exits.

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Scandinavian design

The Friday Lock is designed by star architect BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group.

Its two guiding principles are beauty and simplicity; Friday's unique shape is inspired by the architectural principle of the Saddle Roof, making it striking and a perfect fit for any home.

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Bjarke Ingels Group designing the friday smart lock
Somebody installing the friday smart lock on a door with a screwdriver

Easy installation

With a few minutes and a screwdriver, the Friday Lock can be installed by anyone - no need for a handyman.

The Friday Lock is installed on the inside of your door and replaces the thumb latch.

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Front view of the gun metal friday smart lock

Apple HomeKit™

Apple ® HomeKit ™ allows you to connect through any Apple device and use the same HomeApp for all your appliances - makes everything easier.

Top view of the gun metal friday smart lock

WiFi on demand

Access WiFi on Demand and open or close your door from anywhere in the world - no more need for bridging or proximity to hubs!

Side view of the gun metal friday smart lock

Rechargable battery

The rechargeable lithium battery has an equivalent lifetime of 8xAA high quality batteries, and reduces the size of the product substantially.

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"If you’ve been looking for a suitable Smart Lock that doesn’t scream “A Techy Lives Here!” the Friday Home Smart Lock is a truly modern, yet modest-looking device that will keep your home secure while looking damned good at it."

Greg Alston,

The Friday smart lock in all colours

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